IMG_0650Zeljko Tomic, currently at age 29, lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia. Over the past 10 years, his main interests developed around computers, where he gained extensive experience in operating systems (primarily Linux) and variety of programming languages for systems and web development. More recently, he stepped into the world of distributed systems, their design and philosophy.

Throughout his career, Zeljko worked as Linux administrator, IT department manager and Senior system engineer in Serbia’s biggest ISP corporations. where he gained expertise in all sorts of technologies surrounding such businesses.  By working on many different projects, he expanded his knowledge in different areas, covering in-depth understanding of Linux operating system, Linux security and firewalls, load balanced clusters and high availability, storage systems and FC networking, AAA systems, variety of network protocols and services, optimized systems for high traffic web site deployment, relational databases (PostgreSQL + pl/pgsql, MySQL), CA’s Applogic grid platform deployment, CRM design and development, PHP, Django, SQL, Python, C, and lately Google Go.

Outside work, Zeljko plays guitar, enjoys music, loves basketball, football, athletics, reading books, and he enjoys running… but struggles with this commitment :)

If you want to contact Zeljko, feel free to write him an email: scyth at unixreich dot com