I’ve been playing around with Go lately, and I found that every time I’m about to write some small web app, I have to “prepare” my environment for all the standard things I believe we all use. So I decided to make a lightweight ready-to-use framework which can be just cloned from github, configured in human-readable text config file and fired up. Well almost. One would obviously need to write some code for app to execute, so I tried to organize it in a way like Django does it with python, only without models part. I hate models :) There’s a handlers.go example file (like views.py in Django) which is where all the action should happen. I tried to give a few basic usage examples within the example file, so it should be straightforward for everyone to pick up.

One of the key goals is to let coders do their work in plain go (or with 1st/3rd party packages). I didn’t want to have bunch of APIs around core infrastructure and force coders to learn them. It’s that simple.

One of the project followers, Louis Zeun, gave me few suggestions which were very helpful and inspired me to keep on going with adding new features. This led me to thinking about having modular infrastructure in place so that I (and others) could easily develop some more specific pkgs like Authentication or Admin console. Hopefully, the some new code will show up soon, so keep watching it! :)

Github Project Page

Happy coding!


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