Yay! I got certified!

After many, many years of avoiding any type of computer skills certification program, recently I was kinda cornered by, the person with the most evil job description in the world – my project manager, so, I had to apply for the two: Applogic cloud system operators and Applogic applications architect exams.

Unlike some other exams, like RedHat ones I’ve seen online, these actually surprised me in a positive way! Questions were obviously submitted by some nerd – system admin – Applogic expert, and unless you REALLY know how things work, which could only be learned through months or years of actual experience, his ego clearly shouts out ‘Youuuu shall not paaaaaass!!!’.  45 questions on each exam, out of which some were easy, but most of them were tricky and slick, and your score needs to be above 80%. I would definitely not suggest to any Applogic newcomer to take these exams, until their skill set and experience reach the point where almost everything becomes a routine.

Anyway, I passed both and now I’m the proud owner of two CA Applogic certificates! Hooray!

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