Hello world!

Hello world indeed. This is the first post on my fresh new blog. For years in past, I’ve somehow managed to escape being part of blogging community, not because I don’t like bloggers in general, but I hate bloggers who got nothing to say really. Ok, I don’t really hate them, instead I feel sorry for search engines :)

Lately, I got myself more into world of developers. I was doing some research and a little bit of coding, but day after day, the more I learned, more I found myself pulled in. The field I was exploring (and I still do in fact) was about distributed systems, protocols and programming languages involved, client-server philosophies and all sorts of other things. In a meantime, I wasn’t lazy and I learned Google’s Go language more deeply and I must say that I quite like it, so Go will have its place in my posts.
Anyway,  those are the topics I tend to write about. I also tend to release some code, but more on that in future posts.

After reading numerous discussions throughout community, more I felt like writing something, but I needed a place where I can feel like home. I hope you’ll find some of the material useful.

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