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Has finding remote work changed?

Some 12 years ago, my best friend and I set out on a mission to build a company that would offer premium linux system administration services and support to companies around the world. We were young, enthusiastic, with sharp skills … Continue reading

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Linux NVidia Optimus on ThinkPad W520/W530 with external monitor – finally solved

How NVidia Optimus works on Thinkpad W520/W530 laptops Thinkpads (and probably some other laptops) with nvidia quadro 1000M or 2000M are wired so that intel integrated graphics chip does all the rendering and display for built in LCD screen, while … Continue reading

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I’ve been playing around with Go lately, and I found that every time I’m about to write some small web app, I have to “prepare” my environment for all the standard things I believe we all use. So I decided … Continue reading

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Gnome and Unity font aliasing and rendering fixed

A few years back, Ubuntu started to play around with different fonts and different settings for antialiasing and hinting, making the desktop look boldish, and fonts bigger than they should be. This was not too much of a problem because … Continue reading

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Yay! I got certified!

After many, many years of avoiding any type of computer skills certification program, recently I was kinda cornered by, the person with the most evil job description in the world – my project manager, so, I had to apply for … Continue reading

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Does it all have to be on the Web?

When designing a distributed system, at some point we need to decide which communication protocol and data types to use for communication between different system components. Large portion and philosophy in our design is directly dependent on this decision, as … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Hello world indeed. This is the first post on my fresh new blog. For years in past, I’ve somehow managed to escape being part of blogging community, not because I don’t like bloggers in general, but I hate bloggers who … Continue reading

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